Driving Sales to TAG’s New Online Delivery Service

TAG is a specialist Liquor chain with 5 storefront locations across BC. Over the past years, we have been working alongside TAG to develop their digital marketing strategy. And help them build a brand presence that will drive local users to their stores.

Tag Liquor digital marketing

Building a Base - Top of Funnel

New COVID times made it clear to TAG that they have to invest more effort into their online platforms and think outside the box in order to improve their value proposition to their customers.
The final result was an agreement with TAG to create a full-blown branding and content plan for their company. This included full content strategy planning, graphic branding and an entire video series destined to provide value to their end-users.?
It was obvious to all parties that an online sales channel with clients is essential. TAG quickly set up their new service through SkipTheDishes and Uber Eats. This allowed people to sit at home to choose from a wide selection of alcohol and spirits to have personally delivered.
It was our job to share this new service with the world!? We began to brainstorm and build a strategy on how to provide engaging and value-driven content to TAG’s ideal customers. While simultaneously informing them of the new online ordering service. After creating a full branding for TAG, we started to upload much of the content to social media and getting amazing responses and results. Helping us build an initial following on the company's social platforms.

We continued to push forward as we started to create our first video series for TAG. We decided that the best way to provide value to their consumers is by showing them the content they want to see. The video series we created, guided consumers on how to create at home their favourite cocktails, with the liquor purchased through TAG stores. The videos begin with a delivery handoff at the consumer’s door to further accentuate the new delivery service. It then progressed into a guided recipe teaching the audience how to create easy and tasty cocktails in no time.
Tag Liquor digital marketing

Middle and Bottom Of Funnel:

We started using our videos in Facebook ad campaigns to develop more reach and awareness surrounding the new online delivery service. We used retargeting methods to market to the most relevant people who had previously engaged with the TAG brand.? Our campaigns resulted in gaining hundreds of clicks to the new online sales page. And hundreds of new followers and page likes on different social media platforms.? We decided together with TAG, that an ongoing video series is going to be a key element in their digital marketing strategy and after looking at the collected data, we are confident that we made the right choice for them.

Our campaign drove thousands of interactions, helped increase YOY monthly sales 300%, while performing 1800% higher page views than industry standards.

Tag Liquor digital marketing
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